Aluminum Mini Blinds

Blinds for home

Many people are finding aluminum mini blinds an inexpensive alternative to functional and decorative window coverings, eliminating unwanted sunshine as well in protecting their privacy. Aluminum mini blinds can also allow the window to be completely opened or allow a minimal amount of light to seep into a room, changing the ambience of the environment.

They are fairly easy to install and more homeowners can hang them themselves, and pre-cut sizes are designed to fit almost any window opening, They can be installed inside the window header or on the surface so they can be used on almost any type of window. Most of the aluminum mini blinds come in a variety of colors as well to fit into the dcor of just about any house. Additionally, once installed they are easy to use and offer durable service.

There is a vast difference between the quality of the materials used in aluminum mini blinds and prices are just as variable, making them available for every budget. While most come in standard lengths, there is a simple process to shorten them to make the fit into the window opening look more professional and not have a foot or more of extra blind material gathering on the window sill.

Special Orders Available For Odd-Size Windows

Not every home has standard size windows and special order aluminum mini blinds are available to fit the non-traditional window openings. Measurement should be as exact as possible, however allowing a little room on the sides, about one-fourth of an inch is recommended to allow for any difference in width of the window frame.

In older homes, the window may be slightly out of square and while installing the header of aluminum mini blinds is recommended be in line with the window header, if the header is out of level, the aluminum mini blinds will hang crooked and may not work as easy. The header of the blind has to be level so the blind falls straight down when hanging and being retracted, meaning in a window that is not level, it may not cover the entire window area evenly.

Most aluminum mini blinds have one-inch slats, however some in the texture and color of wood, may be available with slats of two inches wide or more. One of the hardest things about aluminum mini blinds in keeping them dist free, but a vacuum with a good brush attachment or many devices with a series of brushes to fit into the blinds have been developed for this purpose.

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