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Of late, there has been much ado being made about American Blinds suing Google for no other reason than those competitors had bought keyword ads that were using the trademark American Blinds. In spite of pleas that such should be allowed, there does not seem to have been any progress made on the issue even though buying keyword ads on trademarks of other companies is quite common even for American Blinds.

Doing What The Competitors Are Also Doing

You would be surprised that when searching Google for competitive company names those text advertisements for American Blinds is quite high on the list. This is interesting to note since it may well open the floodgates to it being sued by competitors were it to win its case. In any case, the case continues and till such time as a judgment is pronounced one can only wait and watch.

American Blinds manufactures and provides horizontal mini-blinds, as well as vertical blinds and is well known for its tough as well as strong and very durable window coverings that come to the customer at factory direct wholesale prices. You can get your blinds shipped anywhere in the United States, and the company certainly enjoys a good reputation.

American Blinds is totally committed to providing long lasting products that, combined with great customer service, should make the buying public realize that it has earned its reputation as being a leader in the industry thanks to putting in a lot of effort and persevering. There vertical blinds are totally made in the United States with all manufacturing as well as assembly performed by hand. This should ensure that you get only the best products that are convenient as well as easy to operate, and are also child safe while being very durable as well.

Before buying from American Blinds, make sure that you get your measurements right and remember to use a metal tape measure and check many different points on the inside of the window casing. Also, make a list of the narrowest measurement for the inside casing, and take the width, height and only measure the exact size required when measuring the outside casing.

American Blinds gives a Lifetime Warranty on their blinds, which covers all of the mechanical parts as well as workmanship. In case any of the mechanical parts are not functioning as desired, the company will inspect the merchandise and it is left up to American Blinds to provide replacement parts, repair the blind on the site, or do so at their factory, and even replace the defective item without charging the customer for it.

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