Arch Window Blinds

Blinds for home

Some home deigns include arch windows to make an architectural statement as a topper to taller windows, providing a unique look to a residence. Until recently, finding light-eliminating arch window blinds, homeowners were limited and many would place a regular shade on the wall, completely covering the window, hiding the arch window from the inside.

New designs of arch window blinds now offer a few designs to block light and improve privacy while maintaining the architectural integrity of the homes design. Due to the basic design of arch windows, the adjustable blinds will work in the opposite direction of traditional blinds, which are raised upwards, from the bottom to the top. With arch window blinds, the adjustable styles will open from the top down. Longer control cords will be needed, of course to eliminate the need for a ladder to make the adjustment.

There are also arch window blinds that look and work like a handheld fan, with the blades of the shade open by folding up from either one side or the other, and some that have both sides adjust by opening towards the center, leaving the shade as a single vertical line in the center of the window when fully opened. Another design works like mini blinds as the individual blades of the arch window blinds rotate open, allowing light into the room.

Maintain Homes Decorative Style

Arch windows add to the decorative style of a larger home and arch window blinds can allow the homeowner to maintain that unique appearance while blocking unwanted light during certain times of the day. They can be made to match the shades on the rest of the window, coordinating the window dressing of the entire opening.

While many are designed with a vertical design, the fan-fold arch window blinds will match traditional horizontal blinds or vertical blinds and even traditional curtains on the lower portion of the window and meet the design of the arch window blinds. Color coordination is important to home decorating, being able to find the right ones to meet the remainder of the homes dcor, is a satisfying experience.

Many arch window blinds are made as enclosed mini blinds with the adjustable blades enclosed in a frame what fits tight into the arch. They not only block light and provide privacy, they help insulate the home during cold weather. Fully operational to open and close the blades to allow light in when needed.

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