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The entire Bali brand centers itself around information and inspiration. Bali Blinds profess to be the Do-It-Yourselfers brand of choice. The Do-It-Yourselfers look to Bali for inspiration through the new contemporary looks and trendy colors to be informed about which treatment is the best for their specific window or particular need. People who buy the Bali brand like to live their lives their own way and not by following the leader. Bali basically provides solutions from which style to choose, where to shop and instructions on measuring. The Bali name instills confidence. These blinds are made by the same manufacturer who makes Graber and, therefore, has been around forever. In other words, Bali Blinds stand for quality.

About The Blinds

Bali vinyl blinds are perfect for high humidity locations. Whether it is a humid region of the country or a shower room, sauna, laundry room or kitchen, the 1 inch vinyl blind offers a sleek, valanceless, light blocking headrail. The 2 inch vinyl slats provide a more open view at the window than do the 1 inch vinyl blinds. The 2 inch vinyl blinds are also available in a multitude of beautiful colors and textures.

The Bali Aluminum Blinds have a more extensive color palette than do the vinyl blinds. They offer a more contemporary look and are made with an Advanced Finishing Technology that repels dust and also is resistant to stains and scratches. The Bali Aluminum Blinds meet more decorating needs than any other blind.

Balis Wood Blinds are remarkable in that their natural wood grain beauty can rival any other hardwood blind on the design market. Bali Wood Blinds have beautiful stains and paint colors to match any homeowners needs. Their braided ladders are of the finest components and their woods do not bend or warp. These wood blinds compete with all of the other hardwoods on the market, but are the least expensive of any of them. This, in particular, is what makes this Bali Blind so remarkable. Balis Faux Wood Blinds are extremely similar to the hardwood blinds except they are not real wood. They are also water resistant and are by far the more economical of the two differing wood blinds.

Balis Vertical Blinds are light filtering and bring sleekness and clean lines to any room. The fabricated vertical blinds use light filtering fabric vanes to bring texture and color to the room. The new fabricated vertical blinds are coming out with new and innovative designs every day. The S-Shaped Vertical Blinds provide the aura of draped fabric to a window without the muss and fuss and are still a vertical blind. These soft vanes filter light through a room to give it atmosphere and quiet ambience. All of the Bali Blinds can be purchased in local and national hardware, decorating and do-it-yourself stores.

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