Bamboo Rollup Blinds

Blinds for home

When sitting on the porch in the afternoon or evening, there may be times when the sun is blinding or causing damage to outdoor furniture or carpets. The use of bamboo rollup blinds is one alternative to eliminating this problem with an economical and aesthetically pleasing solution. Typically installed outdoors, bamboo rollup blinds can also serve as a privacy curtain near swimming pools, outdoor patios and for use as temporary changing rooms.

Most bamboo rollup blinds are available in measurements from two to 10 feet wide and from four to eight feet long, they can be custom ordered to fit the needs of the homeowner and they can even be embellished with decorative paintings to add to the design of the home. They can enhance the appearance of a larger porch or outside room and can withstand most weather conditions, although it is highly recommended they are rolled up in rain and high wind for their own protection.

Made of bamboo, rollup blinds can serve as temporary obstructions for privacy purposes. When rolled up they are transportable in most vehicles and can be hung as a privacy screen on most campers or on walls of a campsite to protect the user from prying eyes.

Lightweight And Functional, Easy To Install

Installation of bamboo rollup blinds is fairly quick and easy, depending on the width, as the wider the blind, the more hangers it will have. Typically, a six-foot wide blind will require three points to connect it to a header. Screw hooks are usually used inserted into the header, one in the center of the blind and one each on either end, between six to 12 inches from the end.

Once the hooks are installed, attachments on the blinds header are hung from the hooks and the blind is ready for use. Most bamboo rollup blinds should be initially hung in the rolled up position to make the job easier. In the event of inclement weather, many people opt to put the blinds in storage to prevent weather damage and possible rotting from having them rolled up while wet.

Cleaning bamboo rollup blinds is easy, usually squirting them with a garden hose will remove dirt and dust and once allowed to dry can be rolled up, taken down and put into storage. For some reason if the homeowner alters the configuration of the porch and no longer needs the blinds, they can still be useful as a beach blanket to lie on in the sand.

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