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Blinds for home

The demand for blinds continues to grow, and a lot of households are using blinds instead of the more traditional thick type of curtains because of blinds provide a number of benefits. Some of these benefits include being easy to clean, which makes blinds and shades are more useful since they are not required to be washed to keep them clean. All you need to do to keep your blinds clean is to wipe away the dirt with the help of a cloth.

A Good Example Of Factory Price Blind Manufacturers

The US market for blinds is filled to the brim with companies that manufacture all manner of blinds, and they have been around for more than fifty years each having a legacy that they are leaving behind, along with superior marketing strategies that help pull in more customers. You will find these factory manufactured blinds being sold at factory prices, and a good example of a blinds manufacturing company would be Blinds to Go.

Blinds to Go is among a select number of blind manufacturing companies that make as well as retail their own products at factory prices. They have a simple marketing strategy that involves having straightforward relationships with their customers that is constantly being built up and the low prices are part of its overall strategic selling.

The brain behind and conceiver of Blinds to Go is none other than David Shiller, who before conceptualizing this company had been traveling to Canada in order to sell his products going from door-to-door in the process. Later, in the year 1954, he opened a store in Montreal that he named Au Bon Marche and continued selling all manner of products till his son Stephen Shiller joined him in 1976, and a new business was proposed.

After being convinced by his sons proposals to focus on just one product namely blinds, the father and son duo set out to sell blinds that they bought from other manufacturers and it was but natural that they then proceeded to think about making their own blinds. This would allow them to sell at low prices, or factory prices as it is known, which would also allow them to sell their products faster, which was not possible when ordering blinds from others.

Blinds to Go are the product of such thinking, and it has expanded with more and more customers demanding products labeled Blinds to Go. The company has made good profits and the customer base too has expanded. Blinds to Go has gone from strength to strength, which means the owners have had to employ more personnel, and it is now the place where most people in Quebec go to shop for blinds.

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