Custom Window Blinds

Blinds for home

There are few things more exciting in life than moving into a new home at least until you begin to look at all of the bare windows and realize that they must be covered! It may seem like an easy process to measure each window and head to the store to purchase blinds that will fit each one, but you may discover that many of your windows are a few inches off of the standard sizes that are sold. While this may seem like a huge dilemma on the surface, the solution to your window covering challenge may be as simple as custom window blinds for your home. While custom window blinds can be ordered through many retail stores, you can also find numerous websites for custom window blinds on the Internet to make your shopping experience even easier and more comfortable.

How to Measure for Custom Window Blinds

The most important part of the ordering process for custom window blinds is measuring your windows for the window dressings. There are some guidelines that you can follow to ensure that this process is completed as accurately as possible. First, always use a steel measuring tape to measure your window, since this will give you the most accurate reading. Record your measurements to nearest eighth of an inch, and take care not to round those numbers. Keep close track of which measurement is width and which one is height, since it is easy to transpose these figures and end up with custom window blinds that dont fit your window at all!

If you are going to mount your custom window blinds to the inside of your window frame, you need to give the manufacturer the exact measurement of the window and allow the company to make the adjustments for the installation. If you prefer to mount your custom window blinds to the outside of your window frame, you should give the blind company the measurement that you prefer for the blinds themselves. By following these measuring directions carefully and accurately, you will be assured of getting custom window blinds that will fit your window perfectly.

Custom window blinds can be a beautiful addition to your home dcor, and they can dress up any window area, regardless of size. You can choose from classic wood or faux wood styles that come in a variety of sizes and finishes. Shop around today for a company that will create your custom window blinds for you and enjoy you stylish new window coverings!

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