Discount Blinds

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As with the purchase of any discount item, you should consider whether you are actually getting value for your money when you buy discount blinds. You should carefully consider the quality of the manufacturing, any peculiarities or shortcomings of the product and customer support, when buying discount blinds.

Blind Manufacturing

Whether you are about to purchase wood or a standard blind, you must ask to see a sample of the product that you will actually get. Discount blinds are often cheaply made and this will show up in the sample. It is important that the color of the blind is consistent and that basic components of the blind appear to be of high quality. You should check the quality of the strings and the fittings provided with the discount blinds.

You should also ask about sizing the blind appropriately and find out what the discount blinds manufacturer is committing to as far as accuracy in the final size of the blind. Most interior mounted blinds need to be exact or they will look odd, or worse still, will not fit into the window space they are interned for. You should ask for some written commitment in this area. In fact, perhaps more important to how accurate it is cut the first time, is how well the company will stand behind their products.

Customer Service

In the end what counts is that the discount blinds that you have purchased do the job that you intended for them and that they meet the manufacturers commitments to you. Often the manufacturer of discount blinds is handling customer service directly, as this is one of the ways to reduce overhead and the costs of the middleman. The eventual objective is to reduce the actual retail price of the blind. If you have a problem, such as the blinds were not cut to the right size or the cords are broken and the mechanisms are not working, it will be important that the customer service representatives are responsive to your needs and fix the problems quickly. Before settling on the supplier for your discount blinds, you should verify their customer service record.

The truth about discount blinds is that their probably is not such a thing. All blinds are discounted in some form to the retail customer and even more so to a wholesaler or department store. What is important is that you, as a consumer, decide how you want to handle problems with your blinds. If you want someone else to handle sizing, installation and hassling with the manufacturer expect to pay for the services. If you are able to do these things yourself, then go directly to the manufacturer and purchase your discount blinds knowing that you must handle all issues yourself.

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