Enclosed Blinds

Blinds for home

Mini blinds can be installed on door and windows without the clutter usually associated with them, by using enclosed blinds where they are needed. They are built into a frame made to order for the door or window in which they will be installed and levers built into the system allow the blinds to be opened or closed the same as traditional mini blinds.

Once the custom ordered enclosed blinds arrive, attaching to the frame in which they were designed to fit is a simple process, not necessarily requiring a carpenter and in a few minutes are ready to use. No drilling for installation of the header bar, to cutting string and working off extra bars of the blind and no strings to contend with for adjustments. All that is left is neat, clean installation and a mini blind that will last for years.

Available in a multitude of colors, the frames never need painting, although they are easy enough to paint should you change the color of the room in which they are installed. Even with a window over which they are installed open, enclosed blinds will not swing in the breeze as they are enclosed within the frame. They also seldom need dusting and will add to your privacy and reduce damaging ultraviolet light that can harm floors, furniture and carpeting.

Safety Key Feature Of Enclosed Blinds

Homes with young children can eliminate the dangers of loose, dangling cords of traditional mini blinds and find the cordless enclosed blinds a great safety feature. Operated by a lever on the inside of the window, the blinds can be raised or lowered with ease. They also are not susceptible for the curious prying fingers of little ones that could accidentally pull the entire blind down on themselves.

Typically, there are two types of enclosed blinds available, one that fits between two panes of glass and one that is built into a frame to be installed over or in an existing window. The variety built into a frame, simply install into the window or door opening, eliminating screws being drilled into the frame and offers no cords. The other type snaps into place behind the inside sash and has a lever for raising and lowering the blind.

Using two separate enclosed blinds on the upper and lower sashes can create darkness in the room, depending on the color or the blinds chosen. The options are numerous and can safely be used in nurseries to help block light without adding the danger of loose cords hanging in the childs room.

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