Exterior Bamboo Blinds

Blinds for home

In ancient times, the Japanese used bamboo, particularly exterior bamboo blinds around their places of worship to ward off evil spirits. The Chinese believe that bamboo brings long life and in India they believe that bamboo means friendship.

In ancient Asia, small huts were made entirely out of natural grass and bamboo. The only window coverings that were used then were made out of bamboo to keep out the winter snows and the heavy monsoon rains of summer.

These blinds were considered the interior and exterior bamboo blinds. There was only one blind used to raise to let the cool winds come in, or close to keep out the harsh elements, or as in Japan, to keep out the evil spirits. Today when exterior bamboo blinds are used in Japan, they are hung up in the spring and taken down in the fall.

The Natural Weave

Today, designers and interior decorators everywhere are finding that natural shades add a touch of sophistication to any room, inside or out. Exterior bamboo blinds are natural woods and fibers that are woven thinly together that showcase their natural beauty. Many people use exterior bamboo blinds to shield the sun on outdoor patios. Thick twine or rope is use to raise and lower the exterior bamboo blinds.

There might be a hot western sun that beats down on them in late afternoons and an exterior bamboo blind is rolled down to bring relief from the sun. When the sun has set, then the exterior bamboo blind can be rolled back up to allow the cool breeze to come through. Sometimes these exterior bamboo blinds are used to shield the patio from heavy rains or snowstorms and sometimes they are used for sheer privacy from nosey neighbors. Many condos use exterior bamboo shades to shield their small balconies from the elements.

Bamboo blinds, whether indoor or exterior bamboo blinds have evolved into a classy statement that has its own elegant look, as well as, functionality with exceptional reliability. Bamboo and bamboo based products have become the latest trend in home decor. They add an eco friendly flavor to any room. They are stained or varnished to embellish their natural look. Not only have the bamboo blinds found their way into Western homes, but shades, floors and fencing have as well. Every major blind company carries a line of natural weave and bamboo blinds. Most, but not all of theses bamboo blinds have lifetime guarantees.

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