Graber Blinds

Blinds for home

Graber blinds have been around forever. As a matter of fact, Graber has been around forever. Every good Interior Designer will carry a Graber catalog with her on all of her client appointments. The Graber brand is known for its style and sophistication. It has kept up with the trends over the years while offering quality, great customer service and innovation since 1939. Any type of shade, blind or shutter can be found within the Graber customer binder.

The Graber Wood Blinds are stained or custom colored to match the customers favorite molding, fabric or paneling. Grabers Vertical Blinds were the first in the design industry. They are still modern but have an elegant enduring feel to them. Grabers line of headrails is the best in the industry. They are sleek, innovative and made from quality components. Grabers name is synonymous with quality.

The Blinds

The Graber Faux Wood Blinds simulate the look of real wood. They happen to have the added benefit of moisture proof slats. This makes the Graber Blinds more efficient than other faux wood blinds in the marketplace. These Graber Blinds are ideal for high humidity locations, such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, saunas, spas and kitchens. These Graber Blinds are very popular on the Gulf Coast of the United States. The color choices can match perfectly with any contemporary or traditional dcor. This blind is a more economical solution than the competitive hardwood blinds.

Grabers Mini Blinds are classic horizontal PVC blinds that provide light control, privacy, durability, ease of operation and hundreds of colors to choose from at a very affordable price. All of the Graber aluminum blinds feature Advanced Finishing Technology that offers a durable, anti-static finish that repels dust and is scratch and stain resistant. The 2 Designer Vinyl blinds provide extra thick gauge PVC slats that have extraordinary privacy, energy efficiency and durability.

Grabers Vertical Blinds add a very contemporary look to any home. They offer a clean and linear styling to any window. Grabers Vertical Blinds will add drama to patio doors and large windows while maintaining light control and privacy. They are sleek looking and now can be combined with fabric to give an extra look of superior design to any room. All of the vertical headrails are backed with a limited lifetime warranty.

Graber is THE name to look for when contemplating purchasing any type of blinds for your home. They started the window blind industry and are far from ending it.

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