Hunter Douglas Blinds

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Hunter Douglas Silhouette blinds are an expensive variety that are actually designed to afford the user many years of carefree service and most of the fabrics used in these Silhouette blinds have been specially treated when they are manufactured in order to make them repel dust as well as dirt. As good as these features are, there will still be need to care for your Hunter Douglas blinds so that they stay in good shape while in your possession.

How To Prevent Dust From Building Up

If your Hunter Douglas Silhouette blinds come with aluminum blinds they may be treated with paint additives thereby preventing dust from building up. Along with your Hunter Douglas Silhouette blind come complete and exhaustive instructions so that you know how best to use your blinds and keep them in good shape. You will need to learn the better methods of cleaning the blinds such as regularly dusting them, and when dusting furniture in the room, provide for spending more time in cleaning the blinds as well.

To give your Hunter Douglas Silhouette blinds a still deeper cleaning you may need to gently vacuum the blinds using a brush attachment. If there is no vacuum cleaner available, a simple and effective alternative is to use a hair dryer that is set low and which will blow away the dust off the blinds. However, it is not recommended to spot clean a blind that has a stain even if you are using a very mild detergent. You should instead opt for professional cleaning services to remove such stains.

Another no-no is using polishing substances to clean your Hunter Douglas Silhouette blinds, as it is not recommended to apply a small amount of spray to brighten the blinds. Instead, what you will end up doing is to damage the blinds and the same would happen were you to use magnetic cleaners. Exercise great care when cleaning your Hunter Douglas Silhouette blind, and remember to keep the windows totally open when cleaning the glass as spray can adversely affect your blinds.

Using these simple tips to clean your Hunter Douglas Silhouette blinds will ensure that they look there best throughout the year, and year after year. If you are paying more for these expensive blinds, you should also take extra care in keeping them in good order without causing any unwanted damages to them. It would be inexcusable to unknowingly or unwittingly damage the Hunter Douglas Silhouette blinds because of not having taken the time and trouble to learn the best cleaning methods.

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