Mini Blinds

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Cleaning mini blinds can be very challenging. Sometimes, it is very difficult to reach the tiny cracks and crevices in the binds and get out all the dust. Moreover, different types of mini blinds require different methods of cleaning. Note that different types of materials react differently to soap and water so it is not always safe to assume that when you do clear your min blinds, you always use soap and water. Always remember that if you want your mini blinds to last long, you should learn to take care of it the proper way.

Cleaning Your Vinyl or Metal Blinds

Vinyl and metal blinds are usually the easier to clean than the other types of blinds. You can just take down the blinds from your windows, take it outside and use a high pressure hose to spray water on your vinyl or metal blinds. Once the blinds are all wet, get a pail of soapy water and use a sponge to apply soap on the surface of the blinds. Make sure that you reach most areas of the mini blinds and remove the dirt and dust. After apply soap, you can now rinse your blinds and then hang it to dry. Do not attempt to bring the blinds back inside the house when it is still wet because it may drip on the floor.

Cleaning Wood Blinds

When cleaning wood mini blinds, you should avoid sing soap and water. Unlike steel and vinyl which do not have any adverse reactions to water, wood tends to deteriorate when exposed to soap and water. If you want your wood blinds to last longer, use wood polish to clean them. Get a terry cloth, dip it is wood polish and then rub it on the surface of the wood. This could take a bit more time but this could save your blinds from decay. If you are using liquid polish, do not spray it directly on the wood. The lesser amount of moisture that gets into your wood blinds the better.

When using wood polish in cleaning your mini blinds, make sure that you wear the appropriate gloves. Always remember that wood polish may contain harsh chemicals that could cause dryness to your skin. In some instances, these substances could make your hands sting and crack. If you do not want to damage your hands, make sure that you wear the appropriate type of gloves for this purpose. Also, there are some wood polishers that have strong smells. Try to avoid this strong smelling substance to avoid irritations.

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