Outdoor Blinds

Blinds for home

There are many types of outdoor blinds available to serve the many different needs of homeowners. From simple window blinds to block out sun and peering eyes of passersby to blinds to close off an outdoor gazebo for privacy or protection, there are some amazing features being incorporated into outdoor blinds for residential use.

Materials include bamboo, aluminum, cloth and mesh materials and many more, that can be used on manual outdoor blinds with options available for motorized outdoor blinds as well. Imagine sitting on the enclosed deck, pushing a button and watching the blind close with essentially no noise. Now, imagine a spectacular outdoor scene painted on the interior of the blind, making it almost seem as though you can still see the great outdoors. These types of outdoor blinds are available and in use in many homes.

The outdoor blinds can be used to block the sun, eliminating the harmful effects of ultraviolet light and others can block out up to 70 percent of the UV rays while still allowing that summer breeze to blow into the deck or gazebo. Providing a comfortable outdoor living space should not be a compromise of accepting uncomfortable spaces when the remedy is available.

Not All Blinds Designed For Concealment

When many people hear the word blind, they think about hiding under a small tent in the woods waiting for ducks to fly overhead. Not all outdoor blinds are designed with the hunter in mind, but several can hide you from unwanted intrusions of eyes peering in from the street or adjacent yards. Sitting in a gazebo, with six motorized blinds surrounding the space can allow for privacy as well as protection from the elements.

Most motorized units will be enclosed in side rails as well as have a bottom rail to stop them from blowing around in the wind. When the breeze gets too strong, simply lowering all or part of the blinds can maintain the comfort level you are looking to have in your outdoor playground.

Many screened-in additions can also benefit from the use of outdoor blinds as they can block unwanted sun light maintaining low wind admittance as well as providing privacy if you have a hot tub on the deck. The use of outdoor blinds can be set up in a corner as a changing room for swimming pools or hot tubs to add even more room in your outdoor space.

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