Roller Blinds

Blinds for home

Roller blinds have come a long way over the years. They have been used for a few hundred as simple shades for a window. A roller blind used to have a simple cord sewn to the bottom of the blind to lower or raise it. The trick in lowering those first roller blinds was not to pull them completely off the roller. The trick to opening the roller blind was to open it with it flying out of your hand and flip back up to the roller like a rubber band and continue to roll at the top of the window. There was definitely an art to using these blinds in those early days. But these particular blinds have really grown up over the years and actually, most recently in the last 15 years have they come to age. Roller blinds are very user friendly now. They are on special click rollers that control the speed of the opening or closing of the blind and are very easy to use.

Big Changes

Roller blinds can still be used as shades with a soft window treatment over it or can be used as a classic and timeless window treatment. These blinds are now available with decorative trim styles and fabric trims to make a custom look. They can be made out of the manufacturers special fabric or a fabric chosen by the customer. Roller blinds can be laminated or they can include a black out lining to ensure complete darkness in a room. Many roller blinds are made in this fashion with a drapery in front of it to darken a room completely. These blinds can also be made out of natural grasses, bamboo or sheer fabric for a very interesting custom look. The blinds now come with a bead chain loop or spring lift and both are very child friendly and safe. Roller blinds are very inexpensive to manufacture and used extensively in childrens rooms because this is the room that normally does not have a large budget for the window treatment.

All hard window treatment companies carry roller blinds. They are one of the more inexpensive blinds but are very versatile and practical. Most roller blinds can be easily installed and easily removed from a window. These blinds are lightweight and can be packed up and moved from house to house very easily. Of course, the width of the blind cannot be altered, so you must have the same window measurements from one house to another. For a very practical and inexpensive window treatment, the roller blind is the perfect choice.

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