Roman Blinds

Blinds for home

Roman blinds are a window treatment that can provide a contemporary or tailored look to any home. Interior Designers use Roman blinds because they have clean lines and are very practical and can be manufactured inexpensively, quickly and in various styles and fabrics. Roman blinds are a fabricated treatment, versus the usual hard window blind treatment. They are used to soften a room, where a window blind treatment brings no style or particular look to a room. Customers can supply their own fabric to a manufacturer to make a specific style of Roman Blind or it is much more efficient to hire a designer to find the fabric and use her workroom to make this blind.

The Elements

Roman blinds are practical because they can be made in any fabric or natural weave. They are stylish, while being inexpensive. These blinds are usually always in a homeowners budget. They are made with special cording and are pulled up with little pulleys like window blinds. Their pulley mechanisms have become quite innovative over the years and are now quite efficient and practical. Roman blinds can be raised or lowered for privacy or to control the hot sun. They will also block out the heat, as well as the sun. Therefore, they are very energy efficient. They can be made with light filtering fabrics or materials and used with black out lining. Most of the Roman blinds that are made on the Gulf Coast of the United States are lined with a simple cotton lining. These linings are able to block out 90 percent of the heat that beats into the windows in the south. The operating mechanisms on the these blinds can be manually cord operated, smooth operating chain control or electrically motorized with a hand held remote control. Of course purchasing the electrically motorized version of a Roman blind will add a great deal to the overall cost of the blind. In this case, your blind will not remain an economical or practical choice. The motorized versions of Roman blinds are very seldom in the typical homeowners budget.

Many blind companies will offer their own version of the Roman blind. However, the styles are very limited with these companies and usually the workmanship is far from quality. They will have a cheap look to them. It is always better to stay with the hard window blinds when ordering from a blind company. Fabric Roman blinds should be ordered from a good interior decorating store or the Interior Designer herself. The Interior Designer is always the best choice when deciding on what type of look, style, blind or fabric that you should choose for a room.

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