Vertical Window Blinds

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Larger windows may need larger treatments and vertical window blinds can help dress up the windows in your home in a unique fashion. Similar to mini blinds, as the name implies the slats of the blinds are positioned vertically from ceiling to floor, or whatever height chosen by the homeowner.

Typically, vertical window blinds are thought to be for tall, wide windows such as picture windows however, they are also common for patio doors and any other openings that are at least six-feet high and over four-feet wide. Today, may homeowners are using vertical window blinds as dressing for windows that are tall and thin, or short and wide, providing a unique look to many different styles of decorating. Materials and designs available can add a unique look to many types of home dcor.

There are also many grades of vertical window blinds that make them affordable regardless of your budget. From those made of polyvinylchloride to faux wood and cloth, the various materials are also available in various colors and designs. The PVC vertical window blinds are sold as plain blinds or with embossed designs as well as in a variety of colors.

Solid Blinds Offer Lighting Control

One of the advantages of vertical window blinds is that they can help control the amount of light allowed into a room. When fully closed, the only light that seeps into a room is at the bottom, where the blind meets the floor and around the header at the top. When more light is needed, they can be opened partially or fully with a simple twist of the control bar. They can also be slid sideways in the top track to fully expose the window, providing full light into the room.

Vertical window blinds made of cloth can also provide subdued lighting into a room to create a unique look while providing privacy. Faux wood blinds can add to the decorating of the room to match the rest of the dcor of the residence. Available in various colors with designs embossed on the wood, they can meet the decorating needs of the owner.

Installation of vertical window blinds is easy, as the top rail is installed across the top of the opening with the vertical slats installed individually. The number of slats used will depend on the width of the opening, and the length can be custom ordered for an exact fit or, with some of the less expensive PVC vertical window blinds, they can be trimmed individually with a simple pair of scissors to provide a custom look.

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