Wooden Blinds

Blinds for home

When you move into a brand new home, or decide to redecorate your current one, window coverings will be one of the major projects that you will have to tackle. Many homeowners find that this area of home dcor is one of the more confusing and complicated to figure out, making window dressing a chore rather than the creative challenge that it could be. There are some options that you can consider that will make this process a bit easier, and one of those possibilities is wooden blinds for your home.

It used to be that the only choice in window blinds was the white, aluminum variety that served plenty of function without offering any style. Today, blinds come in a large variety of materials, sizes and colors, offering something for just about any taste and preference in home dcor. One of the more popular choices today is the wooden blinds that can offer warmth and pizzazz to every room in your home. Wooden blinds come in a variety of slat sizes that range from one to three inches, and can be found in a wide range of finishes and colors as well. This allows you to select your wooden blinds according to the wood tones that are in your room already, so your coordination efforts are complete.

How to Select your Wooden Blinds

Once you have decided that wooden blinds will make the perfect window dressing for your home, you will have a few factors to consider in choosing the best blinds for you. First, you will need to determine which side of the window will be the most convenient for your controls, and what type of controls you would prefer. The slats can be adjusted by a rod hanging from the side of your wooden blinds, or by a pull cord. You will also have a cord to raise and lower your blinds, and you can select which side of the window you would like this to be on as well. This can be an important decision, if your blinds have furniture in front of them that will make it difficult to reach one side of the window. Consider this carefully before placing your order.

Another option in wooden blinds is to choose from the standard braided ladders that typically join the slats together. While this choice will allow the maximum amount of light to enter the room, cloth tapes tend to look dressier and provide a nice finish as well. You will also be able to select the slat width that you like the best, with wider slats giving a much different appearance than narrower ones. If you have a wide window, you may need to decide if you would prefer the look and functionality of one long wooden blind, or if two or three blinds next to one another would be preferable.

With the many choices available in wooden blinds today, you are sure to find the perfect look for the windows in your home. To keep those wooden blinds looking their best, a periodic dusting with a soft cloth or vacuuming with a brush attachment will keep them clean and lint free.

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