Wooden Window Blinds

Blinds for home

For years the aluminum mini-blind was the blind of choice for most home contractors and new home owners. They were cheap, easy to install and had many color choices for the consumer to choose from. Mini-blinds became an inexpensive and new alternative for curtains and heavy draperies. In the south, aluminum blinds provided much needed shade from the hot summer sun. But about 25 years ago, wooden window blinds were first introduced to the design market as an upgrade design feature to the home. Wooden window blinds were very expensive when they were first introduced because they were a new concept in blinds, quality hardwood and a designer look to a home.

The Wood Blind

Wooden window blinds are much prettier and classier than aluminum blinds and also provide much needed benefits for homes in the south. Not only do they block out the sun when closed, but they also cut out the heat. This is a feature that aluminum blinds are not very proficient in providing for the home. Less heat in the summer means a lower air conditioning bill, thus, saving the consumer money. Over the years as the wooden window blind became the norm in most homes, they also became less expensive. More and more companies were manufacturing the wooden window blind and the competition between them brought the pricing down. Wooden window blinds today are designed with extensive color selections, extensive finishes, exceptional wood quality and state of the art hardware systems. Aluminum mini-blinds have become a fad of the past. They look cheap in a window, because they are cheap. They bend easily and always tend to be crooked when raised. Wooden window blinds will sell a new home or condo very quickly.

Faux Hardwood Blinds

Faux wooden window blinds have now been introduced into the market as well. These faux wooden window blinds look just like the real hardwood blinds, but are even less expensive. So, if the homeowner wants the look of wood blinds, but their budget wont allow it, or they need to cut back in one area of design, faux hardwood blinds are the ultimate answer. But luckily, there is very little price point difference in the two types of blinds. There is virtually no reason why a consumer cannot purchase the real wooden window blinds if that is their blind of choice. The most popular wood blinds come in versatile designer colors and are usually in 2 inch slats. They have a molded standard valance that comes with each blind and decorative ladder tapes. If you purchase the wooden window blinds from a reputable company, the blinds will normally carry a lifetime guarantee.

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